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We are very pleased to announce our 2 new partners. We are now providing experienced workers for Lift Installations and...

Posted by Employmeuk LTD on 1 marca 2016

We are currently looking for skilled workers for assembling multi level steel construction. The construction is the base...

Posted by Employmeuk LTD on 25 luty 2016

We are now available on Twitter. @officeEmployMe Please follow us for even more news and updates.

Posted by Employmeuk LTD on 24 luty 2016

Welcome to Employ Me UK !The merger of a well-established building company and an independent accounting firm created a...

Posted by Employmeuk LTD on 24 luty 2016
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About us

Welcome to the Employmeuk Ltd!

Employmeuk was established following a merger of a successful construction company and an independent accounting office. Employmeuk has been recruiting professionals in the blue-collar and domestic industry for over ten years. We offer a full range of recruitment services to the construction, maintenance, facilities and cleaning sector. Our clients benefit from our database of over 6,000 pre-screened candidates who are actively seeking new roles in organisations such as yours. These candidates range from entry-level through to director-level. All of our services are offered at a competitive rate and we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions according to client needs. We offer our clients a rapid and responsive service which is delivered in a high-quality and honest fashion.

A major benefit all clients appreciate is our detailed industry knowledge; we have been involved within the blue-collar and domestic industries for many years. With these industries experiencing large business increase and a distinct shortage of highly skilled individuals in certain sectors, it pays to have a recruiting partner that has access to them. We have over 6000 professionals on our database who range from entry-level through to director-level.

No matter what kind of construction jobs you are recruiting for, Emlpoymeuk can help source suitable candidates. We understand that finding the right person is essential. Our consultants can provide recruitment solutions to meet your specific needs in a timely, professional and ethical manner. Whether you need someone tomorrow or in the next 6 months, we can help. Our approach is simple – we care for your business, we care for our candidates and we care for our reputation.


We are proud to have built a strong reputation with our partners. Our approach to recruiting is bespoke and tailored specifically to each assignment, thus introducing quality not quantity. Hiring the right people is one of the most important factors to the growth and success of any company. It's important to outsource your recruitment to a business that is committed to working to the highest standards.

Whether you're a large, global company or a small, local business, our approach to recruiting stays the same. The key to our success is: building strong relationships with both: clients and candidates; understanding the job and person specifications; attracting and engaging the best talent; conducting thorough skill-based and behavioural assessments; and most importantly, referring carefully selected candidates who can fulfil your expectations. Our management's approach throughout the recruitment process allows our clients to fully focus on delivering their projects on time and on budget.


Securing a new job can be both stressful and exciting – we prefer to ensure it's the latter. Once engaged, you'll soon recognise that our approach is personable and caring. We take time to understand your circumstances, aspirations and expectations. We provide a full insight to the role and company that we're representing, giving you a genuine overview of the company culture, environment and expectations. It's important that whatever role you're considering, it is one that meets your requirements, fulfils your aspirations, suits your circumstances and provides the right opportunity to develop and grow.

We are serious about our standards and are able to offer our workers a rolling programme of training to help ensure you remain compliant with the ever demanding and changing regulations set by our clients. Our recruitment process is very simple. After applying to a vacancy, one of our consultants will contact you to complete and validate your registration.

Following this, we will invite you to our office for an interview to discuss your experience, skills and expectations in order to propose the most suitable vacancies.

Our Services


We offer a complete assistance for individuals who are looking for job opportunities in building, maintenance and cleaning.


Job interviews at Employmeuk are very pleasant. We do not expect our potential co-workers to look unnatural or stressed. We want to get to know you as you are – honest and devoted individual who would fit perfectly for every business


We are offering trainings run by our partners in Polish and English language that will help individuals to obtain a CSCS card as well as a licence to drive Forklifts.


Employmeukx also deals with many aspects of business and consumer consulting. We provide a wide range of tax, benefits and legal consulting, especially in regards to employment law, data protection or family law.

Our offer for employers to download in PDF format.

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